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News archive Jul 2019

Cute Heathkit, July 30

heathkit GT-18

1970 Heathkit GT-18 Trail Bike 2 Speed Lo & Hi - every home should have one!
This little gem claims to be as new and runs a 5hp Briggs & Stratton motor. See it on ebay: 133124798908
Heathkit GT-18 backgrounder: Heathkit/ Heathkit_065_GT18.pdf

Kwaka race replica, July 29

Kawasaki ZXR750 H2 racer

Interesting toy with claims to being built up from ex-Team Kawasaki stock.

The joys of TS, July 29

Suzuki TS185ER 1985

1985 Suzuki TS185ER: as good a way as any to liven up your 20km cross-town commute to work. Still listed as a current model at Suzuki’s global site:
https:// motorcycle/products/ ts185er/

Eighties style to finish the day, July 28

kawasaki zx-10 1988

Kawasaki ZX-10. Decided to finish the day with an 80s theme...
https:// model/kawasaki/ kawasaki_zx10%2088.htm

Seventies style to start the day, July 28

norton commando mk3 1975

A quick squirt on the MkIII Commando - good way to start the day.
https:// model/norton/ norton_commando_850_roadste r_mki.htm

Silver Zed, July 27

kawasaki z1-r mk1

Kawasaki Z1-R MkI - low mileage example up for auction at Graysonline and has already hit $11k, which is solid. These have been under-valued for some time and it will be interesting to see where it ends up.
Auction link:…/1977-kawasaki-zir1000-road-19…
Backgrounder & specs:…/kawasaki/kawasaki_Z1R.htm

Jawa for sale, July 25

jawa 350 1964

Since we mentioned them (see below). 1964 Jawa 350 (since we got on to the topic) - love the fifties lines. On the market for $3500. See it here:
https:// details/1964-Jawa-350/ SSE-AD-5893736

Jawa antics, July 24

Gotta love a good promo film, no matter what the age. 

Harley crate find, July 23

harley wla engine in crate

Dream shed find (or barn find, if you must) for Harley nuts - a 1942 military WLA engine still in the crate, complete with instructions. It was part of a much larger lot recently bought by Wheels Through Time in the USA. 
See the ebay listing (asking circa Au$19.5k):

Big red Zed, July 22

kawasaki gpz1100 1982

1982 Kawasaki GPz1100 - handsome bike, and for sale in the USA. Ebay listing: 1982-Kawasaki-KZ1100-B2-GPZ -/ 362705396698?oid=1838359890 34
History & specs:
https:// model/kawasaki/ kawasaki_z1100gp%2081.htm

Long lost Yamaha stroker, July 21

yamaha rd400 brochure

Yamaha RD400. Don’t you wish you had one now?

Jet age outfit, July 18

vincent jet age outfit

Jet age Vincent outfit. Anyone know who the maker is?

Brough prime mover, July 16

brough superior sidecar tractor

Brough’s version of a sidecar tractor. No half measures...twin rear wheel set-up is intriguing. From the Paul Malanik Historic Vehicles Facebook feed.

Fast bikes and fast cash, July 16

1976 australian tt old bike mag

A legendary race meeting and an ever bigger scandal - good story. Famous racers, two prime ministers, unpaid bills, missing money - it’s got it all! See this story from Old Bike magazine.

MZ six-day gem, July 14

1967 MZ six-day enduro

MZ250 GS, circa 1967. Enduro-ready and 105mph top speed! You’d have one now, wouldn’t you?

Stirckland speaks, July 14

stuart strickland

Former head of Honda MPE and a long-term industry staffer Stuart Strickland has expressed some strong opinions about what is wrong with the curent state of the motorcycle industry. It ranges from issues within the industry itself and the actions of government. Among the quotes on the Motorbike Writer website: Retired and honoured motorcycle industry veteran Stuart Strickland has delivered blunt criticism of the industry and the dictators who make motorcycle businesses “unsaleable".

Guzzi craftwork, July 14

Moto Guzzi dustbin V7

From Bikecraft magazine:Other side of Barry's Dustbin Guzzi. Despite the 1950s retro vibe, base bike is a 2009 V7 Classic. Alloy panel-beating--and lots of it!--by the incomparable Evan Wilcox.

Hot Laps, July 12

steam bike

Amazing work - shared from Concepts, Customs & Rare Cars on Facebook.

Motorcycle sales are dropping, July 12

motorcycle sales australia 2019

From FCAI: Data released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) revealed 42,457 motorcycles, ATVs and scooters were sold during the first six months of 2019, compared with 47,909 for the same period in 2018.

This represents an 11.4 per cent decline for the market in the first half, with all market categories except scooters affected by the downturn.

Tony Weber, chief executive of the FCAI, said the softer motorcycle sales reflected the current tough market environment.

“The first six months of 2019 have seen several events which have contributed to the sensitivity of the market, including environmental factors such as drought and flood, a tightening of financial lending, and the recent Federal election,” Mr Weber said.

Honda was the overall leader with a 24.2 per cent share of the national market, followed by Yamaha with 21.1 per cent and Kawasaki with 10.7 per cent.


Pioneer turns 94, July 11

gloria tramontin struck

From Dale's Wheels Through Time: Please join us in wishing our friend, Hall of Famer, author, and pioneer for women in motorcycling, Gloria Tramontin Struck a very Happy 94th Birthday! Gloria is one of the early members of the Motor Maids, which she joined in 1946.

Stroker Heaven, July 10

Kawasaki KR-1S

Stroker heaven? A big shed clean-out has released this lot into the wild, via Gumtree:
Kawasaki KR250 ( not going but have 3 complete )
Kawasaki KR1 250 ( not going , complete )
Kawasaki KR1 s 250 ( 1 going, 2 not going, complete)
Yamaha TZR 125 4DL (not going, complete )
Suzuki RGV 250 vj21 ( not going, complete )
Suzuki RGV 250 vj22 (not going , complete )
Suzuki RGV 250 vj22 SP ( not going, 95% complete)
Suzuki RGV 250 vj23 (running great, complete)
Honda NSR 250 mc16 (not going , in parts)
Honda NSR 250 mc21 SE ( not going, complete )
Honda NSR 250 mc21 sp ( not going complete, track bike )
Yamaha RZ 500 ( not going, engine great condition, bike is rough )
Cagiva Mito 125 ( yellow Mito going and rego, grey complete in parts )
Aprilia RS 125 ( not going , complete in parts )
Aprilia RS 250 ( not going, complete )
It seems the owner had more ambition than time when it came to restorations - something a lot of us have been guilty of over time! (Pic is a factory shot of a Kawasaki KR-1S.)
See the listing here:…/collection-of-2-str…/1222853852

Bold Bridgestone, July 9

Bridgestone 1967 Surfrider Sportster

1967 Bridgestone, luxuriating in the wonderful model name of Surfrider Sportster. More here:

Surtees Vincent, July 8

John Surtees egli vincent

We couldn't resit showing off this pic of world champion driver and rider John Surteees, from the Just British Motorcycles group on Facebook.

Motorcycling is good for you, July 7

harley ride

Riding is good for you, but you knew that already. See this Harley-sponsored study.

Freddie Spencer at the Silver opening, July 5


We recently posted a link to the David Silver Honda collection (July 1). Something well worth watching is this video, which gives a sense of the scale of the project. Plus, those of you who recall Freddie Spencer at the height of his racing powers will be pleased to hear him talk about his relationship with Honda and see him looking so well.

Workshop buddy, July 2

workshop buddy

Why we all need one...

Honda celebrates 60 years of racing with Mick, July 1

Mick Doohan Honda 60th anniversary of bike racing

Doohan back in the saddle for a Honda race celebration: hondas-60th-anniversary-of- world-championship-racing/

UK Honda collection, July 1

DAvid Silver Honda collection

David Silver Collection in the UK - worth exploring:

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