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News August 2022

Time machine: Kawasaki ZRX1100R, Aug 29

kawasaki zrx1100r

It's year 2000 and this year-old ZRX is on the market at Au$11,490 (US$7900, GB£6700). What's it worth now? See our Time Machine mini-feature.

Auction watch - big money for Honda Dream, Aug 27

Honda ca77

We've noticed USA auction site Bring a Trailer has been producing some close to unbelievable results in recent months, like this once-humble 1966 Honda Dream Touring (aka a CA77).

The 305cc twin admittedly underwent a big restoration, so the vendor is more likely to be recovering costs than making any real money on the thing.

Nevertheless, it sold for a remarkable Au$32,500 (US$22,500, GB£19,200).

Pirsig 1966 honda super hawk

Had it been Robert Pirsig's (he of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance fame) Super Hawk of the same year, we could well understand the premium.

Honda Ca77

However it seems this Dream Touring had no particular claim to fame, though it is a beautiful resto job.

Tiger tales - the movie, Aug 25

It was a ridiculous idea...send two giant 1200 Triumph Tiger adventure tourers out to compete in the historic South Australia 24-hour trial, better suited to lightweight singles than full-sized shaft-drive triples.

Well-known TT racer Cam Donald and long-term (and expert) riding mate Donald 'Donnie' Owen tackled the event. See the movie version – well worth grabbing a glass of your favourite tipple and watching.

How much for the Harley? Aug 25

              Harley-Davidson Knucklehead

If you had to nominate some of the motorcycle darlings of the auction world at the moment, a green frame Ducati 750SS might well be at the top of your list. Plus maybe a Brough Superior SS100. Close behind, however, you need to list these – the now not-so-humble early EL Knucklehead series.

Prices have been doing extraordinary things in the last couple of years and show no sign of slowing down. This restored 1936 example recently sold at Mecum's Monterey auction for a staggering Au$263,000 (US$181,500, GB£154,600).

See the National Motorcycle Museum (USA) Knucklehead page.

Ducati Supermono, Aug 24

Ducati Supermono

Loaded with clever design features, the Ducati Supermono promised much, but sadly never made it into full production. See the story.

MV Agusta bible, Aug 23

mv agusta book

Ian Falloon's MV Agusta bible is soon due for launch. Find it here.

And find a piece on the revered 750 S here.

BMW R100GS in a box, Aug 21

              R100GS crate

If there's one thing that drives the auction market into a frenzy, it's a desirable unused motorcycle in a box – that is, its original shipping crate.

Bring a Trailer has a 1995 R100GS Classic on the market at the moment, in black, in its box. Bidding is at an awe inspiring Au$40,700 (US$28,000, GB£23,600) with a week to go. Any predictions on what it will sell for?

See the story on our R100GS Paris-Dakar.

Flashback: One great Ride, Aug 21

Kawasaki gpz900r

Does one fantastic trip spell the end of a relationship? See the story here.

Superbusa, Aug 20

supercharged haybusa

UK tuning house TTS Performance is about to launch a limited run of generation 3 supercharged Suzuki Hayabusas, after developing kits across all three generations of the model.

The power claim for a bike in street trim is 370 horses, or nearing double the already prodigious figure of a gen 3 stocker.

See TTS Performance here.

See the InfoMoto story.


See the story on our own gen1 hotted-up Hayabusa (with more modest ambitions), named Hannibal.

Early Gixxer, Aug 19

Suzuki GSX-R1100J

It's not every day you trip over a clean 1988 Suzuki GSX-R1100J. This one has popped up on Brad's Vintage Cycle Sales for Au$13,850 (US$9500, GB£8100).

Links: Facebook; Website.

See our Suzuki GSX-R1100 profile.

Super quarter, Aug 19

Kawasaki KR1-S

A seriously quick and sharp quarter-litre two-stroke, Kawasaki's KR-1S was a favourite for some, though running survivors seem to be very thin on the ground.

See the backgrounder at Motorcycle Specs.

Big stroker, Aug 18


It's 1967 and Suzuki has its pioneering 500 in the market...see the period Cycle World magazine test, here.

Super tourer fix, Aug 14


It took some eye-watering resources, but our ailing BMW K1200LT is up and running again. And, despite the repairs, we reckon it stacks up as a good thing. See the story.

Helmet fail, Aug 14

Indian motorcycle and shoei helmets

One of these helmets looked like a bargain, and failed. More here.

Heavy metal, Aug 13

indian chief vintage and honda valkyrie

At last! Some decent weather in Melbourne so we could get the heavy cruisers out for a gallop.

In the pic: 2009 Indian Chief Vintage and 2001 Honda Valkyrie Interstate.

See the bikes that have lived in the shed.

AMCN Norton V4 review, Aug 13

Norton V4SV

Norton's long-promised V4SV is nearing release after being re-engineered by the company's current owners – TVS Motors who, by the way, are far more financially stable than their predecessors.

In the UK, the machine looks like it will cost a breath-taking Au$77,000 (US$55,000, GB£45,000) and so far there's no word on local distribution.

In the meantime, Australian Motor Cycle News has published a review. See it here.

Bandit country, Aug 12

Suzuki bandit 1200

Suzuki's Bandit 1200 street bike was a legendary series and for a long time (from model year 1996) just about the best bang for your buck on two wheels.


Are there any good early ones still getting around?


See the Suzuki Cycles timeline for this series.

Suzuki Bandit 1200


There is still some potentially good buying in the used market, such as this low-mile 2003 offering at $6000.

Keep an eye out for our profile on the series, coming soon...

Old school Moto Guzzi 850, Aug 12

Moto Guzzi T3

Random ad for the day – 1976 Moto Guzzi T3 from the east coast of the USA.

See the specs and backgrounder here.

Shannons auction results, Aug 10

Ducati MHR 900

This week's Shannons Winter classics auction showed some mixed results, though motorcycles generally did pretty well. See the story here.

Honda XL350, Aug 9

Honda xl350

Today's random brochure – Honda XL350. This 1970s series was sometimes criticised as being a little stodgy, however you'd be pretty happy to have one on club plates today.

Here's a K0 for sale in WA.

See our model profile.

Wheelie style, Aug 8


1978 French Yamaha XS1100 ad.

See our XS1100 profile.

Rare bikes: MV Agusta F4 Veltro, Aug 6


Built as a tribute to an air force squadron, this series is incredibly rare. See the story here.

That Seventies Show, Aug 6

seventies bikes

Flashback: When the shed gets overtaken by a weird and wonderful era...see it here.

Dual Hailwoods, August 3

Ducati MHR

A tough decision for the would-be Ducati Hailwood 900 replica owner: Two variants currently on offer via a Shannons auction in Australia.

Both are listed as 1981 models. The first (above) claims the lower mileage and longer-term ownership that includes an older restoration. It has an estimate of Au$28-34,000 (US$19-24,000, GB£16-19,000).

Ducati MHR

The second (above) has been kept functional and lists some rebuild work and presents as the more original of the two. It carries an estimate of Au$25-35,000 (US$17-24,000, GB£14-20,000) and is on at no reserve.

Bevel-drive MHRs were built from 1979 through to 1986, by which time they had been through many updates and had become the Mille.

We'd be taking a closer look at them before making a decision.

See the auction cattledog here.

Ecco BMW, August 2

Ecco BMW

This rather special 1954 R68 BMW is on the market, carrying an Ecco Engineering-branded fuel tank and an engine said to be modified to R69S spec with twin-plug heads. As a later model in the R68 series, it's also carrying the full-width brakes.

Standard, they were supposed to be good for 170km/h (105mph). You'd expect this example to be substantially quicker.

Price? Au$65,000 (US$45,000, GB£37,000).

See an Ecco profile at Shannons;

Plus an R68 profile.

More airheads:

See the R65 that graced our shed;

And the R100GS.


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