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Our bikes: Twin Wings

Yep, we've gone out of our way to raise the absurdity level of the shed

(May 2024, Guy 'Guido' Allen)

It might be best to start this by saying that owning a pair of 1975 Gold Wings was never the intention. Honestly!

What happened was we had a '75 GL1000 a year or two ago, got tired of it and sold it for a surprisingly good amount. Then we realised that was a horrible mistake, as they are fun to ride and I liked the idea of having a now classic era motorcycle that had the legendary Japanese reliability built in.

hoda gold wing

So we went and bought another, the blue unit you see above. It needed a little sorting and has turned out to be a good thing. See the story here.

              gold wing

Time moves on and, though we weren't in the market for one, we trip over the best example I've seen since they were new. It's another 1975 build, out of the USA, and the story goes it underwent a light restoration (the paint on the dummy tank is still the original) and was held for some years by a local collector.

              gold wing

The 36,000 miles (58,000km) on the odometer is believed to be correct, backed up by the incredibly quiet and smooth engine. Apparently it spent most of its life sitting dormant in a garage in Ohio – a surprisingly common story for ex-USA bikes.

It was too good to pass up, particularly given it had an original set of exhausts on board, which can't be bought any more.

So the logical thing to do is to sell the blue one, yes? You would think so. However moments after putting it on the market, muggins came up with a cunning plan. Next year (2025) marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the Gold Wing, which has to rate as one of the most influential touring bikes ever built.

We kind of like the idea of doing a suitably epic ride on a first model, in part to celebrate and in part to prove that touring on a half-century-old machine is perfectly viable. And, hopefully, fun!

              to melbourne

To that end we came up with the idea of shipping one to Cairns and riding it back to Melbourne via Brisbane – essentially following the Pacific Highway. Winter next year would be a good time to do it. The distance is around 3500km (2200 miles).

perth run

You may recall we did a similar thing with a BMW K1200LT a little while back – shipped a BMW K1200LT to Perth and rode it back to Melbourne via the Nullabor. See the story here.

gold wing

So, a great plan, yes? Up to a point. the catch is the shiny new red bike is too good to risk on such a trip – the inevitable wear and tear and grime would halve its value. So we're keeping that as a Sunday rider and taking the blue machine on the big run.

See? It all makes perfect sense: we have an everyday Wing, aka the casual Wing, plus the formal Wing for special occasions.

Meanwhile a mate has asked me to let him know "what that dugong is like to ride". The Honda Dugong, huh? People can be so unkind...

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