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Suzuki T500

Titanic memories

Jan 6, 2020

Our January 5 profile on Suzuki Titans has unearthed an extraordinary story from a former owner. Spotted by the sharp-eyed Rob Blackbourn, it's a long comment on the Bring a Trailer listing mentioned in the piece. It's written by someone calling themselves 'Middie'.

Here it goes...

"Bought as a leftover from a dealer in Long Beach, CA, my 500 Titan, the first real motorcycle of my own, (my father’s 305 Dream was the first full sized ride), proved to be hugely entertaining.

"Out-running police, commuting back and forth to work, being hit by a car, (both bike and I survived), high speed weed-fueled early morning runs on the Pacific Coast Highway.

"Then loading it onto a U-Haul, along with a pair of hot head skis, and hitting the transcontinental escape road from a bum marriage, accompanied by a pal from Huntington Beach who looked like Dennis Hopper and rolled joints in dollar bills.

"Arriving in Provincetown, MA, for an unemployed, drug drenched hippie dippy 1970 summer of love, the Titan proved to be the only reliable aspect of my life.

"There, the Titan and I were arrested for speeding. I was wearing way cool yellow sunglasses, and a multi-colored tribal dashiki that fluttered under my arms like wings in the wind as I glided down a hill, tripping on psilocybin, oblivious to the cop behind me desperately trying to get my attention.

"Once the impounded Titan and I were released, there were long fast rides on Cape Cod’s sand dune edged roads, and high performance runs into Boston to see my girlfriend, a fearless pillion rider who later became my beloved, legal partner in crime.

"A move into Boston to be closer to you know who, and a government job, saw the Titan pressed into new levels of irresponsibility. After drinking wine all night there were early morning, two up, 90 mile an hour runs along the banks of the Charles River on Storrow Drive.

"And on a much more mundane level, the daily commute out and back from our, at the time, emerging South End neighborhood to Boston Logan airport where I was an air traffic controller.

"The 500 Titan, a swell ride, merrily launched me into the world of motorcycling, and I’ve never looked back. Long may the memories of that great bike last, and may the new owner of this blue beauty have at least half the fun I had on mine."



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